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Limtoys 1:6 Scale Outlaws Of The West – The Gunslinger

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If you are a video game fan and a sixth scale figure collector you have no question at one point asked yourself: where are all the 1:6 scale figures idolizing video game icons? The answer is pretty simple: they are almost non-existent. Outside of a handful of releases by Asmus Toys and the limited number of Videogame Masterpiece Series Hot Toys figures there are very little options available for gamers. Just off the top of my head I can think of at least a half dozen major characters that would probably sell quite well if executed properly but all the love lately is for superheroes. Thankfully LIM TOYS is here to answer that call with their latest pre-order, The Gunslinger (Outlaws of the West) 1:6 Scale Figure that has a striking resemblance to a particular cowboy that you might recognize from a very successful PlayStation 4 (PS4) title that was a big seller throughout 2019.

The name LIM TOYS might ring a bell for collectors familiar with 1:6 scale and 1:12 scale releases because their line of “Metal Gear” inspired figures were all the rage in some of the social media groups in recent months. This particular The Gunslinger 1:6 Scale Figure comes well stocked with a ton of extra accessories for a wide range of different display options. And if that’s not enough for you it also includes 2 unique 1:6 scale head sculpts and (3) interchangeable hair pieces so you can adjust the length and style of his hair to suit your diorama or preferences. It’s incredible to see not only a wide array of extras included but the additional head sculpts is just something that’s not so common these days.

As you can see in the promotional shots that have been provided for this figure the likeness is absolutely outstanding. Whoever tackled the digital sculpt of this one completely knocked it out of the park in the best possible way. Even the tailoring on the included outfit options looks incredibly well done with the correct materials and colors selected to fit the theme. Here’s a full look at what’s included with the LIM TOYS The Gunslinger (Outlaws of the West) 1:6 Scale Figure..

-1 x 1:6 scale head sculpt without beard
-1 x 1:6 scale head sculpt with long beard
-3 x magnetic interchangeable hair piec
-8 x different unique hands without a glove
-4 x glove hands
-1 x 1:6 scale figure body
-1 x hat
-2 x revolver
-2 x shotgun
-1 x rifle
-1 x flower
-1 x knife
-1 x throwing knife
-1 x watch
-1 x LED light-up lamp
-1 x coffee tin
-1 x cup
-1 x camping gear
-1 x charcoal pile
-7 x red dynamite
-2 x yellow dynamite
-1 x fire bottle
-1 x bow
-1 x arrow
-1 x rope
-1 x pair of boots
-2 x removable spurs
-1 x satchel
-1 x 1:6 scale figure stand with a 3D terrain base
-1 x winter coat
-1 x yellow jcaket
-1 x blue tripe shirt
-1 x pants
-1 x scarf
-1 x mask
-1 x holster
-1 x sub-holster
-1 x knife pouch
-1 x belt
-1 x ammo belt

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 37 × 24 × 13 cm
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