Lucifer Cold Winter Wolf - Lone Wolf 1:6 Scale Collectible Figure MYR RM331.52
Art Figures Scissorhands 1:6 Scale Figure MYR RM831.61

Lucifer Cold Winter Wolf – Big Suit 1:6 Scale Collectible Figure

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-Estimated Release Date: 2023 Q3 – Q4

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Article No.: LXF2208 C
Character accessories list
1 LUCIFER Empress Prime (rubber coated)/1
2 Exquisite hair transplant (angry) female head carving/1
3 Exquisite hair transplant (cold) fenale head carving/1 (exclusive gift)
4 Bone Necklace/1
5 Composite lock leather breastplate/1
6 Composite lock leather waist armor/1
7 Wolf head shoulder armour/1 (alloy)
8 imitation leather shoulder armour/1
9 Upper arm shoulder protector/2
10 Small arm plate armor/1 (alloy)
11 Small arm leather armor guard/1
12 knee armor/2 (alloy)
13 Calf A/2 (alloy)
14 Beast head boots/2 (alloy)
15 Waist armor plate/2(alloy)
16 Leather waist seal crotch guard chain/1
17 Juhuang Sword/1 (alloy)
18 plate armour/6
19 Close quarters dagger/1 (alloy)
20 lock sleeve/2
21 Lock leg sleeve/2
22 Detachable wool neck scarf/1
23 Detachable cloak/1
Snow Wolf Parts List
1 Attack status Snow Wolf body/1 2 Snow Wolf Helmet/1 (Alloy)3 Snow Wolf Shinguard/4 (alloy)4 Snow Wolf Shoulder Armor/2 (alloy)5 Snow Wolf Neck Guard/1 (alloy)6 Snow Wolf Lock Armor/1 7 Mang Wild Battle Axe/1 (alloy)8 Temudun/1 (alloy)
Material:PVC ABS special cloth,thick velvet, non dye leather, metal alloy

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