You can submit a return request to our return center by click here if any defective product, wrong product, or product with missing accessories is received. 

Scan the QR Code to submit your case.


  1. The product is covered by our 30 Days Exchange / Return Policy.

→ You may check if it is covered from the description on the product page.

  1. An unboxing video is required for all return cases that contain missing accessories or products. 
  1. Reach You may also find this link on our website or scan the above QR code for “Report Submission”. 
  2. Input the order number and your email address. 
  3. Describe the defective situation with photos uploading, video will be requested if the photos are not in strong evidence. 
  4. Select the solution according to your preference, please note that the selected solution might not be approved as we handle and make decisions case by case. 

What happens next?

Your return request will be handled within 3-5 business days after the report is submitted. Please stay tuned to your email box, our return center will contact you asap. 

Will my order be covered by our 30 Days Return & Exchange Policy? 

  1. Any product is returned without any approval or prior notice, Comic Sanctorum reserves the right to forfeit the returned product.
  1. The case must be reported within 30 days after the delivery. Customers reporting the case 30 days after the order is received will not be handled.
  1.  You may submit photos and describe the situation at  Report without any strong evidence (eg. photos showing the product is defective, the product is not what you have ordered ) will not be accepted. 
  1. Claiming the product has missing accessories while an unboxing video is not provided cannot be covered by the  30 Days Return & Exchange Policy. 
  1. Any damage resulting from improper use or lack of maintenance will not be accepted by the return center. 
  1. For products that have been released for 2 years or more, note that aging effects may cause some defects. Please note that returns and exchanges will not be accepted in this case. For example, products that have been on the market for 2 years or more may experience discoloration, cracking, wrinkling, oxidation, etc.
  1. Product prices vary according to market demand, and returns due to price changes will not be accepted.
  1. 30 Days Exchange / Return Policy is not supported for pre-owned products.
  1. Some products that have been marked “30 Days Exchange / Return Policy is not available” on the purchase page of the product will not be covered by the 30 Days Exchange / Return Policy.

If a free replacement is approved for the defective product…

You are required to send the defective part of the collectible for repair to our center via your local post office. You may send us the receipt for shipping charges while we will make the payment via PayPal. The return process is estimated to be 21 business days and the return will only be offered once. 

If a full refund is approved for the defective product…

You will need to send your collectibles (including all accessories, art box) to our center via your local post office. You can send us a receipt for shipping charges. After we receive the package and the carrier receipt, the full amount and shipping cost will be sent via PayPal. 

Light Up Function Isn’t Working?

Come to the light , with a few troubleshooting suggestions that have worked for us in the past! Please be sure to perform the below suggestions while the piece is off.
Fresh batteries! It’s rare, but sometimes the batteries included in the package may be dead on arrival. Clean the Connections! Sometimes clear glossy paint can interfere with the electrical current. Examine and clean the connections by lightly applying some rubbing alcohol with a Q-tip and/or cleaning wipe.
Turn it on! Leave it on! After cleaning, reassemble your piece and turn it on, and leave it on for 10-20 minutes…sometimes it just needs time.


According to our 30 Days Exchange / Return Policy, once the dispute is opened on a third-party payment platform. Any after-sales service will no longer be supported.

Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] anytime. 

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