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Competitive Toys President Luo's 1:6 Collectible Figure S$222.30
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Bobtoys Movie Museum Series Second Bomb The Greedy Doctor 1:12 Collectible Figure

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BOBTOYS 1/12 FM-02 MOVIE MUSEUM Series Second bomb The Greedy Doctor
1/12 body*1
Natural hands*1 pair
Hold gun hands* 1 pair
Hold sword hands*1 pair
Blue one-piece prison uniform * 1
White short sleeved T-shirt * 1
Sponge suit * 1
Leather shoes * 1 pair
Brain model*1
Rib * 1
Meal knife * 1
Fork * 1
Metal plate * 1
Metal cover*1
Dining table * 1
Chair * 1
Lamb * 1
1/12 figure stand* 1

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